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Michel De WILDE,PhD

MDW Consultant, LLC

Michel De Wilde has a long career in Vaccine Research and Development. He currently consults for the Vaccine Community. He is member of the Boards of VBI Vaccines Inc and the Infectious Disease Research Institute as well as several Scientific Advisory Boards: Curevac, Univercells, Bioaster, Human Vaccine Project and others.

From 2001 till June 2013, Michel De Wilde was Senior Vice President, Research & Development, at sanofi pasteur, the human vaccines division of Sanofi. In this position, he was responsible for an organization of some 1500 people and a broad portfolio of discovery and development projects.

While at sanofi pasteur, Michel drove the development and licensure by the FDA of a number of products: Adacel (a combination vaccine for adolescents and adults); Menactra (the first tetravalent meningococcal conjugate); the first prototype H5 pandemic vaccine; the pediatric pentavalent vaccine, Pentacel. The first intradermal influenza vaccine, Intanza, was licensed by EMA and the FDA. Also licensed, under accelerated approval, was a new high dose formulation of influenza vaccine for which superior efficacy to conventional vaccines.

Michel was also instrumental in driving the acquisition of and defining the integration model for two biotech companies: Acambis and VaxDesign.

Prior to joining sanofi pasteur in January 2000, De Wilde was at SmithKline Beecham Biologicals (now GSK Vaccines), in Rixensart, Belgium. Michel joined the group in 1978 as a research scientist upon formation of a unit focusing on the application of recombinant DNA technology to vaccine development. He subsequently held positions of increasing responsibility to become Vice President, Research & Development heading a team of some 400 specialists, active in all aspects of pre-clinical vaccine development.  De Wilde has played a key role as a research scientist in the development of several new vaccines, most notably the recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine, as well as GSK’s Malaria vaccine candidate.

Michel received his degree in Chemistry from the Free University of Brussels in 1971, followed by a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 1976. He carried out postdoctoral work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (U.S.) and the University of Ghent (Belgium). De Wilde authored over 50 publications during the early part of his career.

Michel De WILDE

Michel De WILDE, 博士,MDW Consultant

Michel De Wilde在疫苗研发方面有丰富的从业经验。他目前为疫苗行业顾问。他是VBI疫苗公司和传染病研究以及若干科学咨询委员会董事会成员包括: CurevacUnivercellsBioasterHuman Vaccine Project等。

2001年到 20136Michel De Wilde曾在赛诺菲的人类疫苗事业部担任高级副总裁, 负责研究和开发。在这个职位上, 他负责组织1500人的研发团队开展疫苗的各种研究和开发。

在赛诺菲-巴斯德,Michel带领团队获得了数个FDA 批准: Adacel(成人百白破)、Menactra(流脑四价结合)、首个H5大流行原型疫苗、 Pentacel(五联苗)。第一个皮内注射的流感疫苗,Intanza,获得EMAFDA的批准。一种新的高剂量的流感疫苗获得加速审评且获得批准。

Michel还在推动收购和整合两家生物技术公司方面发挥了作用: Acambis VaxDesign

20001月加入赛诺菲-巴斯德之前Michel在比利时 Rixensart SmithKline Beecham生物制品 (现在是葛兰素疫苗)工作。Michel1978年加入该组织, 作为研究科学家, 他组建了团队重点研究重组 DNA 技术在疫苗开发中的应用。随后, 他担任研发副总裁, 该研发团队约有400名专家, 积极参与到临床前疫苗开发的各个方面。 Michel在开发几种新疫苗方面发挥了关键作用, 尤其是重组乙肝疫苗, 以及葛兰素的疟疾疫苗。

Michel1971年获得了布鲁塞尔自由大学的化学学士学位, 随后于1976年攻读生物化学方向博士学位。他在威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校 (美国) 和根特大学 (比利时) 进行博士后工作。在他事业的早期, Michel参与编辑了50多份刊物。